Friday, November 13, 2009

My Thoughts on "The Lightning Thief"

I liked it. The book isn't as gripping as "Harry Potter" but it's a fun story. I liked it enough that I bought the second book tonight. The one thing I can say about "The Lightning Thief" is that it has stirred a desire in me to read up on the Greek Gods and their stories. I even bought "Hercules" (the Disney version) tonight, don't worry I know that it's a "Disney" story and not in the least like the actual stories/myths. Anyone have any good book suggestions on the Greek Gods? My husband suggested the "Iliad" anything else?

Also, whoever posted a comment on my blog about Viagra, thanks but no thanks! Has anyone else had this problem? Really, my blog doesn't get that many hits to make it even worth while. Does it strike anyone as odd that you would advertise Viagra on a Jane Austen website? Just sick! Don't do it again whoever you are!

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morninglory kitsch said...

hey, i just got that viagra comment last week, too. on a really old post. weird.