Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cranford and Miss Austen Regrets

I LOVED Cranford! If you have not yet seen this mini series you must watch it SOON! I have read Cranford and was quite shocked at first to see how vastly different this adaptation was, however after watching the commentary on how they made this mini series I was thrilled and loved it even more. The producers and writers actually take parts from several of Mrs. Gaskell's books including a little bit from her own life and meld it altogether and the outcome is brilliant!

Miss Austen Regrets is also very good. I liked the actress who portrayed Miss Austen. I did notice that she used a lot of the same mannerisms that Anne Hathaway uses in her role as Miss Austen. Everything I read or see about Miss Austen has a different take on her "loves" if there were any real ones. It's interesting see others' ideas and opinions on that matter.


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i loved miss austen regrets. i cried when she died. but it helped with my research.

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