Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Expectations

I watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Great Expectations today and LOVED it! I really do like Charles Dickens. Most people automatically think of The Christmas Carole, which in all honesty isn't a novel and is quite different from his actual novels. His writing is so rich and full of detail. The characters are so rich and there are so many of them! He does recycle some characters, but hey that's his thing. One of my favorite books of his is Bleak House. Has anyone else read it? What are some of your favorite Dickens novels?


morninglory kitsch said...

Okay, this is not about Great Expectations. Although I'm sure the MT version is way better than that Ethan Hawke/Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle from a decade ago.

This is about Confessions of a JA Addict, which I finally received from my wishlist on As per your advice, I did not buy it, and will be relisting it on said website as soon as I'm done.
I am thoroughly disappointed with the writing of this book! If Jane was such a Jane Austen enthusiast, why did she have no idea about the regency era?! I will be blogging about this 'book' soon, but had to let you know of my intense disappointment. I will now re-read your original post.

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