Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Expectations

I watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Great Expectations today and LOVED it! I really do like Charles Dickens. Most people automatically think of The Christmas Carole, which in all honesty isn't a novel and is quite different from his actual novels. His writing is so rich and full of detail. The characters are so rich and there are so many of them! He does recycle some characters, but hey that's his thing. One of my favorite books of his is Bleak House. Has anyone else read it? What are some of your favorite Dickens novels?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Northanger Abbey

Many Miss Austen fans don't particularly care for Northanger Abbey, but I actually do. I find it to be one of Miss Austen's most funny novels. She has fun making fun of her heroine Catherine Moreland and her love of the Gothic novel. Miss Austen never hesitates to point out the faults of her heroines, but Catherine's just seem silly and naive.

I watched an older version of this novel-to-movie and was very disappointed. It was scary and just plain weird, but this newest movie is delightful! I don't usually use the word delightful, but it seemed to fit. The actor who plays the young Mr. Tillney is quite adorable! I also like the actress who plays Catherine. I usually don't like the casting choice for the main character in Jane Austen's movies, but I think this actress fit very well. If you haven't seen it I definitely recommend you rent it or get it from the library ASAP! I think I may even want to own a copy!