Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I'm starting to think that I'm a difficult reader to please. I DID NOT enjoy Atonement. The author himself refers to this book as his "Jane Austen novel," yeah, I don't think so. First, Miss Austen's books all come together nicely in the end and even though they may be a little too perfect, they're enjoyable. Secondly, Miss Austen would never have written about anything so dark and depressing. The only connection that can be made is that the main characters in both Atonement and Miss Austen's novels have major flaws that they must overcome and work on. I really didn't feel like Briony (the main character in Atonement), really atones for her mistake. She tries but it just doesn't cut it. I know the movie did really well, but after reading the book I have no desire to see the movie. There may be those that will disagree and that's fine, please tell me your thoughts I would love to read them!


Arti said...

I think the parallel here is between Briony and Catherine Morland, both having great imagination that leads them astray. While Catherine is ultimately 'redeemed' by Henry Tilney, Briony is unsuccessful in seeking redemption.

As you're a Jane Austen fan, I've just posted a poll on my site that I think you and other Austen fans might be interested in.

Thanks again for your view on great novels!

morninglory kitsch said...

i agree. i started reading atonement. trudged through several pages. rented the movie (because i love james mcavoy). then lost all desire to continue reading it. i want you to check out this website. it's perfect for readers:
you can unload books that are not as adored as others on your shelf. i'm really enjoying the site.

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A Estudante said...

I never read the book but I want to. This is, undoubtedly, my favorite movie ever.
I was quite surprise by reading that it was compared to Jane Austen's novels, because I didn't find any similarity in the movie... so in that point I agree with you, but i really believe that you should see the movie and forget that it was compared with some Austen's novels.
I cried a lot in the end… though that doesn’t make it a master piece, you should try to see the movie.