Wednesday, October 22, 2008

British Obsession

Is there a shortage of good-looking American leading men? Hollywood seems to think so. If we love the Brits so much, why must we make them speak like Americans?

The Office - the most awesome show! No British actors but the show was based off of a British show also called The Office.

Damian Lewis - main character on another awesome show, Life. He is British not American. I guess if he sounded British as an L.A. cop it wouldn't fit too well.

Rufus Sewell - main character of a new show called Eleventh Hour. British again, never seen the show so I'm not sure if he could carry the accent.

Kevin McKidd - main character on Journeyman. Not British, a Scott. The show is okay. He was in The Maid of Honor and has a VERY Scottish accent.

Hugh Laurie - main character of House M.D. He is British and could use his natural accent as a doctor and have it work. So why make him sound like an American?

This is just an observation that I've made. I might of even missed some other actors that are British on American T.V., I wouldn't be surprised.

Four Queens

I happened upon this book/audio CD's at the library the other day. It's actually quite amazing when I can randomly find something on the shelf, usually I have to order things. Anyway, I originally thought that Four Queens was a fiction book. The box didn't indicate one way or they either. I looked it up when I got home and found that it was a biography of four sisters who all became queens in the 1200's.

I can't say if this depiction is correct or not since this is the first I had heard of these ladies, but I did enjoy this biography. The oldest sister marries the king of France. The second marries the king of England. The third becomes a queen really in name only of Germany and the fourth sister is only queen of Sicily for 18 months. I wish this biography focused more on the sisters rather than their husbands, but it was interesting none-the-less. If you enjoy history especially medieval history than you'll enjoy this book.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I'm starting to think that I'm a difficult reader to please. I DID NOT enjoy Atonement. The author himself refers to this book as his "Jane Austen novel," yeah, I don't think so. First, Miss Austen's books all come together nicely in the end and even though they may be a little too perfect, they're enjoyable. Secondly, Miss Austen would never have written about anything so dark and depressing. The only connection that can be made is that the main characters in both Atonement and Miss Austen's novels have major flaws that they must overcome and work on. I really didn't feel like Briony (the main character in Atonement), really atones for her mistake. She tries but it just doesn't cut it. I know the movie did really well, but after reading the book I have no desire to see the movie. There may be those that will disagree and that's fine, please tell me your thoughts I would love to read them!