Friday, September 5, 2008

Three New Books

Okay, I finally ordered some new books (I really should just read the ones I have but haven't read yet). I'm excited to get them and start reading! The first book "Austenland" I had seen at Barnes and Noble and it looked good, but I didn't want to buy it brand new and in hardcover. To spend the money on hardcover books is something I only do if I REALLY love the book i.e. "Harry Potter."

The second, "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" sounded so awesome! I think I'll really enjoy this book unless it's loaded with sex or swearing, which I detest! To me those things just cheapen a book, although some of my English professors would disagree.

The third book I have been debating about for a while. I know
there are war and sex scenes, which again I detest but the movie
was raved about so much and it looked like a good story, so I'll
chance it.

I should get the books next week so look for a new post sometime
by the end of the week. Later!

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morninglory kitsch said...

i love austenland!!! and did you know, shannon hale is friends with stephanie meyer! i am also wanting to read 'confessions'. and atonement is a book i've started, but watched the movie before i got really far, and i'm waiting to pick it up again because of a book club we are starting. yea! new books!