Monday, September 15, 2008

Jane Eyre's Daughter

This is the first spin-off I've read for Jane Eyre. It was pretty good, but not fabulous. My favorite book is Jane Eyre (sorry, not P&P), so I guess my expectations were a little too high. The story itself was pretty good, but the writing left much to be desired. Charlotte Bronte is an extremely accomplished writer, so if you're going to write a spin-off I feel the writing should be comparable. Jane Austen's books are a bit easier to do sequels with because Jane's writing is more light and witty where Charlotte's is dark and deep. I love both authors and both styles of writing and enjoy the sequels that other authors write. I just feel that if you're going to stick with the same time period and continue a story than the writing should reflect the original authors style.

Out of five stars I would give this book a 2 1/2. I'm interested in looking for other Jane Eyre spin-offs. If anyone knows of a good one please let me know!


Michelle said...

Hello! I don't know of any good Jane Eyre spin-offs (unfortunately), but I have read a few decent P&P spin-offs. One was a series beginning with the novel, "Mr Darcy's Daughters." I liked it because there was the same type of social comentary that Jane Austen used, though it's a little more biting here. Elizabeth Aston, the author, didn't have to live with the people she's critiquing, so she's a bit more free with her criticism. I liked the characters, though the twins are like Lydia doubled.

Michelle said...

Yuck, is there no way to edit a comment once it's posted? I hate it when I spell something wrong!