Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Breaking Dawn - The End!

Luckily for me I didn't get into this series until about 2 months ago. This made the wait for Breaking Dawn much more bearable. I'm a very impatient person too. I originally ordered this book from Amazon, but when I realized that they weren't going to even mail it until August 4th I was upset so that Saturday morning I marched bright and early into Target and grabbed one of their 50 copies. I would have enjoyed going to a midnight party, but with a 9 month old that still nurses and makes up at ALL hours of the night, I decided that morning would be just fine.
I didn't finish this one in 27 hours, but it was a real page turner. My husband picked up my slack with taking care of the baby, so that I could escape into the "Twilight." At first I didn't like the change in point-of-view, but after a while I realized that it was probably better seeing Bella's pain rather than actually experience it through her. The fact that she had a baby is insane! The name was a little weird, Renesmee? I understood why she did it, but I mean the kid will be stuck with that name FOREVER, literally.
The whole "Imprinting" thing is cool except when they "Imprint" on a baby! Very strange . . . when I read that Jacob had Imprinted on Renesmee I was like WHAT?!!!!! I'm glad Jacob got his happy ending though. I didn't really know how his story would end up.
Thank goodness Bella is finally a vampire! Stephenie makes being a vampire seem so cool that I keep wishing vampires were real. Who wouldn't want to have the ability to run super fast and never get tired? Jump over rivers? And awesome sex?! Not, that sex isn't good but the book seems to say that vampire sex is the ULTIMATE! Here's my neck!
Overall I thought the book was great. There are so many critics out there that judge these books so harshly, but you know they weren't meant to become the greatest American literature to be studied in classrooms for generations. They're fun! A good story that helps people escape real life for a time and make women all over wish they would run into a vampire like Edward. Enjoy the books that's what they were written for.


morninglory kitsch said...

i think we would be very good friends, because all of the books you read and recommend are the same as mine. i am not a blog-stalker, i just love literature. and jane austen.

Michelle said...

Here's my neck?

You're funny.