Sunday, May 11, 2008

#3 Eclipse

Okay, so right off I have to say that my favorite book form this series so far is the first one Twilight. You learn in the second book New Moon that there is a love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob. I hate the love triangle. Edward is so awesome and then when Jacob enters the picture and it's almost as if the author wants to make Edward look bad. Jacob is a whinner, that's fine that he loves Bella but he needs to get over it and move on! The third book is full of this struggle between the two guys with Bella in the middle. And I'm sorry but she's stupid for encouraging Jacob. She knew that he liked her more than she liked him, but she still lets him hold her hand and hug her, well duh, what you think that means for a guy? It's just pathetic. Honestly right now I'm not excited for the fourth and final book to come out. The fact that Jacob has becoe one of the main characters is disgusting. I thought this was a love story between Edward and Bella?

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